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Our Schedule and Offerings

Private Yoga sessions for Executives and Business Owners available every day upon request. Contact Jules for details (248) 390-9270.





Healing, Savasàna SoundBath with Tom Price and Jules on Saturday February 12th 6pm in the Yogazebo

Contact Jules to sign up ASAP, limited space ūüôŹ
Sound and vibration activates the para-sympathetic nervous system which switches off the constant stress hormones generated by our hectic lives and these trying times...
This triggers the body's natural internal cleansing processes...


Weekly on Mondays 6:15pm Ashtanga Yoga w/Jules (approx 1.5hr in length) Mysore based...

In order to attend this class the student must be familiar with and willing to commit to practicing the Ashtanga vinyasa yoga system. Student must be open to guiding themselves thru the flow, however Jules is their to assist and adjust. Some weeks we practice entire primary series, however most weeks it's short form based. We often begin with Satsang; raja (mind) yoga reflection with group discussion. Student must have open mind and willing to go with the flow on a moment to moment basis. Students leave their egos outside the door before entering this class. It's beautiful!



DRUMOLOGY facilitated by TOM PRICE

If you ever wanted to try drumming, now's your chance! Drumology is a fun and exciting way to experience the rhythmic nature in all of us. You will be guided in this magical and healing art. Rhythm has a deep and mysterious role in our humanity with many proven benefits four our health and well being.

Friday Evening, March 22nd, 7:00 - 9:00 PM | Seating is Limited (Act Now)


Spiritual journalling/Yin yoga class

When: Saturday, February 1st

Time: 12noon to 3pm

Where: Yogazebo with Jules

What: Spiritual journalling/Yin yoga class. Come spend a few hours with like minded beings in a safe, intimate space going inward to reflect and just BE.

*Writing helps us move from living on the surface, to going to the depths of who we are, and why we do what we do. Spiritual writing can untangle thoughts, express our emotions, and give artistic expression to life.

PS: please reserve your space at least one week in advance.

Cost : By donation

*Yin Yoga is a slow-paced style of yoga as exercise, incorporating principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine, with asanas (postures) that are held for longer periods of time. For beginners, asanas may be held from 45 seconds to two minutes; more advanced practitioners may stay in one asana for five minutes or more.


Classes and most onsite workshops are by donation only


Donation classes and workshops:

What exactly does "By Donation only" mean?  

 This is a very common question many students hesitate to ask or feel uncomfortable when they do. Once the student gets used to the concept of karma yoga they embrace it.


What is Karma Yoga?

Selfless service and selfless action 


What is the suggested donation for a group class?

On average a student may donate $0 to $7 up to $20. Its sincerely up to what ever the student feels comfortable with. Some weeks you may have leave your wallet at home with intentions on donating. The beauty of karma is about you being ok with that and accepting it with joy. There will be times in oneslife that they feel more abundently capable of donating and at other times dont feel comfortable giving monetarily. There are other ways to donate: such as a smile,a hug, a kind word, a flower, or card for examples. The greatest donation of all is by simply attending with an open heart and mind and with honor and respect.    


What is the suggested donation for most onsite workshops?

On average a student may donate $0 to $20 to $50. Workshop preparation is often more involved for the teacher during preparation and presentation; in additon workshops are often longer in length, therefore the students may feel more compelled to give more, but again same above concept applies. 


Its all good at J Living "Live with Purpose"! 


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